Welcome to our new website!

As many of you all have asked countless times over DM and other, we have finally put together a censorship-free page for us to host our various written content. This has been an issue that has plagued us for awhile now. We've been banned on Medium, Twitter, and other social networks countlessly.

Our community has been incredibly active and supportive in both times of good and bad so, we can't wait to share our next steps in our journey with the Crypto Vigilante Network.

As we begin this new chapter with our community while sticking true to our mission, we encourage everyone to remain as up to date as possible with our various social channels unless indicated otherwise.

Where can I join the conversation?

Our community is intolerant of scams, shady actors, and people bent on using others as an end to a financial means of reciprocity. From ICO scammers, shady token sales, downright shady actors; select actors in this space routinely end up becoming involved and may get a decent following. Often, they use this following to get a financial reward off their supporters.

We do not operate like that. In fact, our mission is simple.

The Crypto Vigilante Network is here to keep you informed and up to date on the latest scams and nefarious figures within the blockchain space. As a space that has been coined the "Wild West", the technologies and benefits of blockchain technology stretch far and wide - however, it does not mitigate human nature and those wishing to make a quick buck.

From time to time, we may host various AMA's or write more in-depth on projects we find geniunely interesting but, that's only for the benefit of spreading of information we find worthwhile for you. None of this will constitute as investment advice of any source/reason whatsoever, so please take the time to vet and make your own informed decision.

As a whole, we will say that we have turned down countless requests of payment for content and will continue under basic human morality, a trait that is severely lacking within crypto.

If you share the same ideals and wish to join the conversation to shed light on nefarious activities in crypto, get involved below!

Help us continue to fight the fight against these nefarious actors in crypto.

Crypto Vigilante Network

Crypto Vigilante Network