Crypto Medication aka "Librehash" Scams Once Again

In case you're unaware of Crypto Medication who has been known to go by James Edwards, Proof of Research, Zerononcense, Librehash, and other aliases - he's continued his shady behavior once again. Not an unfamiliar face to our community, we urge people to stay away from him.

After receiving an anonymous complaint, we found out that Crypto Medication received $1k payment in LTC for services he never completed. The kicker was he used the LTC to pay for a computer because... I guess he didn't have one even though he was supposed to write a whitepaper.

Full exchange available here.

His telegram channel is @librehashdiscussion and announcement channel is here. You can silence his ability to scam others by reporting him to @notoscam.

Past History

Crypto Medication is a self-proclaimed “MiniGod” and  has reportedly raised “$500,000” for an equity offering. In the past, he launched a clothing and hat brand, “Thou Art Clothing” and had numerous individuals report that they were conned and not refunded for their purchase on his site.

The whole saga was detailed exceptionally well here, we encourage you all to read it and exercise caution.

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