The Crypto Equivalent of Epstein's Flight Logs

The individuals listed herein are considered by many as scam influencers in the crypto community.

If you see any characters mentioned involved in any project then know you are about to be scammed or already have been scammed.

  • IvanOnTech
  • AltcoinDailyio
  • TheCryptoLark
  • TheMoonCarl
  • Bitboy_Crypto
  • MMCrypto
  • CryptoWendyO
  • Bitcoinsensus
  • Davvincij15
  • Cryoto_rand
  • Cryptojack
  • Rovercrc
  • EarnWithSapna
  • TheCryptoZombie

Remain vigilant out there and be on the lookout for more content from us.

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